Goodbye walkie-talkies. Hello 2016.

We thought walkie-talkies left the scene with Nextel, but we were wrong. After countless frustrating cruises with invasive means of communication and difficulty finding friends and family, we decided to solve the problem once and for all. The solution is simple—Ripple.

Ripple strikes an amazing balance between needing to communicate with your cruise-mates and not wanting to be bothered by the outside world. We built the UI with relaxation in mind, so all you have to do is enjoy the cruise.

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Ripple is the key to a fun and relaxed cruise vacation.

There when you need it. Gone when you don't.

Ripple is readily available whenever you need to talk to a loved one. If not, Ripple is happy to wait patiently in the background.

No Data Fees

We never use cellular or WiFi data to connect you to your Ripple friends, so there won't be any surprise charges. Need reassurance? Check this out.

Instant Communication

Your friends notified as soon as you place the call or text. By the way, Ripple works best with the ringer on due to iOS limitations.


Want to go off the grid? Simply close out Ripple. Want to block a contact? That's just as easy.

Easy to Use

Ripple is a breeze to use. Pun intended. A 4-character friend code connects you, and then it's as easy as operating any other phone.

Cell and data charges? THERE ARE NONE!

Ripple was specifically designed with cruise ships in mind. Through a complex networking algorithm, we transform your phones into a personal cloud capable of talking to each other without the Internet or cell service. Sound too good to be true? That's the magic of Ripple!

We utilize the local WiFi to create our own network. At no point is any data transmitted away from the ship, which is the part you have to pay for. In fact, you must agree to the ship's terms of service and select an Internet package before your account could possibly be charged. None of that is required for Ripple. Just connect to the network and ignore any prompts asking if you would like to opt-in to Internet service. In addition, it's impossible for your phone to communicate with cell towers while in airplane mode.

Still unsure? Test it out at home! Place your phone in airplane mode and disconnect your home router from the Internet. You won't be able to visit any websites, but Ripple will continue to work. Just be sure to hit "New Cruise" on the settings menu when boarding the ship if you're embarking on a new cruise. That way, the app can know you're in a new place, and it will create a brand new cloud just for you!

3 Convenient Ways to Communicate

Cruise ships are a marvel of modern innovation. Don't spend your precious vacation time looking for loved ones. Ripple turns that brick in your pocket into...well...a phone.

Text Message

Send a quick text off to update your friends or set a meeting place. We often forget just how invaluable a short text can be!

Voice Call (Up to 4 People)

When a text just isn't enough, you can call to discuss plans with up to 3 additional people. Each of those users can then add 3 more calls for an unlimited conference call size!

Video Call

See something exciting across the ship and want to share it with a friend? Just miss seeing her face? Video chat is the solution.

How Does it Work?

Using Ripple is simple! Here are the basics to get you started.

Ripple is available at a one time cost of $4.99. Once you download it, it's your for life!

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Download the App

Ripple is available on the Apple App Store and will be coming soon to Google Play!

Enter Your Name

This is the name other Ripple users will see! First and last name usually works best, but anything goes!

Add Your Friends

When you're just starting out, you'll need to enter your friend's friend code manually, but you can also sync contacts with friends to build your empire.

Start Talking

You're all set up! Now you can get chatting.

Keep Ripple Running

Because you don't have an internet connection to store messages while you're away, Ripple must be running in order to receive messages and calls.

We're Making Ripples!

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