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Simple, intuitive, unique:
Ripple Connects

Ripple was created with the internal comms employee in mind to drive engagement through campaigns. Sitting at the heart of your SharePoint Online hub, our intuitive apps empower you with the information and means to create enticing, successful content – sparking connections across your business.

Ripple was built to make your life easier, and it works.

Feel The Ripple Effect…

Reasons to Choose Ripple

Ripple SharePoint

Ripple R

Unique Product

Ripple works beautifully on your SharePoint Online platform and delivers capabilities that you won’t get anywhere else.

champion engagement

Engaged employees are happy employees. Ripple’s simple tools and detailed campaign metrics support you to champion engagement across your organisation. 

Simplicity is everything

You work hard to create connections across your business, so Ripple was designed to make your job easier. A central hub with everything you need to build and measure any campaign. Simple.

no time like the present

Once you’ve seen Ripple in action, you’ll want to start planning your first campaign right away. With accessible pricing and easy install, you can be seeing the Ripple effect within weeks.

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