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We’re excited to finally launch Ripple and share our new intuitive software. Join one of our live webinar sessions to meet the team behind its creation and find out more.

Throughout the development of Ripple, we worked directly with internal communications employees to understand their pain points. The end result is a tool that enables communications employees to cut through the noise and truly engage with their teams.

Sitting at the heart of your SharePoint, Microsoft Teams or Viva Connections, Ripple is a unique internal communications campaign management tool.

Register for our webinar to learn more and see a demo from Ripple CEO, Alex Graves and Products & Development Director, Larry Knight.

carly murray, the surgery design & digital

“If you’re an internal communicator, you need Ripple in your life – actual in the moment campaign measurement so you know how well your people are understanding what’s going on in your business – oh yes, it is possible!”

Unfortunately, there are no upcoming Ripple demos. If you would like to watch a pre-recorded demo, please fill out the form below.